Installation of security systems

We install alarms systems in all types of homes and commercial establishments. For each client we develop a custom solution based on the project and budget.
24-hour Connection to the Alarm Reception Centre with Police notification
Free security study
Design and installation on the same day
Warranty and maintenance included
1. Free security study and personalised installation plan
2. Security systems installation within 2-3 hours
– Analyze the technical parameters of the property and the characteristics of the surroundings.

– Prepare a security installation plan.

– Сalculate the total cost of the equipment, installation and maintenance.
Once the design is agreed and the contract is signed, we install the alarm within 2-3 hours, depending on the size of the property. Olivenet Security engineers install the wireless detectors without damaging the finishes, make the starting-up and adjustment works: configure the alarm elements, connect the system to the Alarm Reception Centre and verify the operation at each zone.
3. We teach how to use the system
4. Maintenance
We demonstrate to the client the operation of the equipment, explain the rules for using the alarm and the Ajax application.
The Alarm Receiving Center verifies the operation of the system devices 24/7. In case of malfunction, we quickly repair it remotely, otherwise, our technical team will go to the installation site to fix the problem within 48 hours. Additionally, Olivenet Security engineers perform quarterly and annual maintenance tasks that include:

– diagnostics of security systems and their components;

– verification and test of each module;

– damage prevention works: cleaning the parts from dust, dirt, corrosion, etc.
Install the security alarm from 9.90 €/month
Request the free study and our technician will analyze your property to calculate a cost for a custom installation.

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