Frequently Asked Questions

General issues
1. What systems does Olivenet Security install?
We install intrusion detection and video surveillance systems.
2. How long does it take to install the security system?
We install the alarm in 2-3 hours.
3. How is the home alarm cost calculated?
To calculate the cost of a home alarm, we take into account your security needs and characteristics of your home: the number of rooms and entrances, whether there is a terrace/balcony, security in the district, etc.
4. How is the business alarm cost calculated?
To calculate the cost of a business alarm it is essential to know if it is a business open to the public, then we develop a solution with specific protection in the most valuable areas, such as cash registers, shop windows with expensive goods, etc. If the business has open outdoor areas, storage facilities or private parking lots, we install perimeter protection.
5. What does the cost of the Olivenet Security alarm include?
The cost of the Olivenet Security alarm includes the following services: security study, personalized installation plan, alarm kit, 24-hour connection to the Alarm Reception Centre, warranty and maintenance.
6. What requirements do security companies must comply with?
According to the current regulations, the fire protection, intrusion detection and general security systems only can be installed by companies duly registered, otherwise you could be penalized or even forced to remove the installation. Olivenet Security is registered in the RNSP(Registro Nacional de Seguridad Privada) with homologation number 4449.
7. Is the alarm system connected to the Police?
No, the alarm is connected to the Alarm Reception Centre, which verifies the alarm and in case of danger immediately calls the Police. Only homologated security companies can call the Police after alarm verification.
8. What are the components of an alarm system?
Each alarm is different and developed individually according to specific needs of the home or business. Nevertheless, there are several common elements for all alarms: intelligent security system control panel (Hub) and anti-intrusion detectors. Before installing the alarm, it is necessary to carry out a security study to determine which devices the alarm should consist of and their location to ensure maximum protection for your property.
9. How does a detector work?
Ajax detectors accurately recognize motion, door movement and broken glass. When a detector is triggered, it sends the signal to the Hub and the Alarm Reception Centre via Ethernet, Wi-Fi or GPRS.
10. What communication channels use the control panel Hub and which one is the main one?
The Hub uses 3 communication channels for transmission of alarms to users and the monitoring station of a security organization: Ethernet (main communication channel) and two 2G SIM cards (backup channel). If one of the channels is temporarily unavailable, the system switches to the other one automatically and without delay.
11. Will the Hub keep functioning if the power is cut off?
Yes. The built-in battery of Hub provides up to 15 hours of battery life. In the case of switching to a backup power source, a corresponding notification is sent to the user and the security company.
12. Can I control my security system from my phone?
Yes, you can control your home or business security from anywhere in the world, using the Ajax Security System application.
13. Is it possible to manage several objects/Hubs from one app?
It is possible. In the Ajax Security System application, on average, you can add up to 50 Hubs. Such an amount can withstand the average user's smartphone, the number of the attached Hubs is not limited and depends only on the phone characteristics.
14. Does CCTV affect my privacy and confidentiality?
All our devices comply with the data protection laws. The security cameras will be activated only in the case of alarm. The Alarm Receiving Center complies with verification protocols established by the Security Regulation (NT / 316/2011of February 1 - BOE 42 of February 18, 2011). The images and videos are guarded by the Alarm Receiving Center and can be requested by you and Security Officers.
Technical issues
1. How does ReX function?
ReX receives hub signals and transmits them to the devices connected to the range extender. It also transmits signals received from the devices to the hub. Two-sided connection is provided by the Cargo protocol operating over the Jeweller radio protocol.
Unlike regular range extenders that only re-broadcast signals, ReX controls the functioning of the security system devices. By copying the system information from the hub, ReX creates an autonomous group of devices and responds to events instantaneously. If the hub disconnects from the network for whatever reason, ReX receives an alarm signal from the detector and activates the siren.
2. By how much does ReX expand the radio communication coverage of the Ajax network?
ReX functions at a distance of up to 1,800 meters from the hub and can double the radio communication range between the Ajax devices and the hub.
The communication range between ReX and a paired device is limited by the radio signal range of the device (the relevant parameter is indicated in the device's specifications on the website and in the User Manual).

You can significantly expand the coverage area of the Ajax radio network using several ReX in the security system. However, keep in mind that ReX can only be connected directly to the hub and connecting one range extender to another is not supported.

The number of ReX connected to the security system depends on the hub model.
3. Does ReX expand the hub's communication range?
No. ReX expands the security system's radio communication coverage, thereby enabling the installation of Ajax devices at greater distances from the hub or in locations where a reliable signal reception from the control panel cannot be ensured.
4. What is a tamper?
Tamper is a miniature button on the device board. It is released when the lid is opened as well as a result of an attempt to unfasten and/or lift the device from the surface, which initiates an event.
When the tamper is released, the Hub sends push notifications and SMS messages (if this type of notification is enabled) to all users of the security system and also communicates the event to the central monitoring station of the security company.

If the tamper is released, Ajax applications display the Open status in the Lid field of the device menu. In addition, a malfunction badge appears on the device icon.
5. How does the Hub operate without the Internet connection (without communication with the server)?
When the Hub communication with the server fails (the Ajax logo lights red), the security system continues autonomous operation responding to all events, executing the enabled scripts, and activating the siren when applicable.

The events during the communication failure are recorded in the Hub buffer and are delivered to the Ajax applications when communication with the server is restored. The Hub buffer can store up to 130 events

Since the Ajax applications communicate with the Hub via the server, you cannot operate the Hub via applications in the case of Internet connection failure. If the Hub connection to the GSM network is active, it continues calling and sending SMS to users — if these notification methods are enabled.
Mobile app
1. What version of iOS do I need to use the Ajax app?
11.0 or higher. Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.
2. How do I update my Ajax account profile (name, e-mail, phone number, password)?
1. Open the Ajax app and click on the menu icon in the upper left corner of the screen.
2. Select Account.
3. Then click Edit Account.
1. Open the Ajax app and click on the menu icon in the upper left corner of the screen.
2. Select Account.
3. Then click Edit Account.
3. How do I check device status and settings?
Go to the Device tab, select the device you want to check.
4. How do I to setup SMS alerts?
Select Hub in the APP, and go to settings. Under the Users tab, select the user who wants SMS alerts. Go to that user's settings and activate SMS.
Please note that SMS may attract additional costs depending on the terms of the tariff plan.
5. How can I ensure I won't miss a mobile notification from Ajax?
We would like to recommend you to activate SMS and calls in case of alarms. SMS and calls can be activated in User settings (Ajax app > Devices > Hub > Settings > Users > User Settings).
6. How does the panic button work in an app?
With OS Malevich 2.9 update, when the panic button is pressed in the app, not only the event but also the smartphone coordinates are transmitted to the security company. System users can copy the coordinates from the hub events feed.

7. How do I add a user to control and/or monitor the Ajax system?
Create a new user account at Ajax app.
Select Users in the Hub settings.
Choose Send Invite Code and enter the login (the e-mail address) of the new user.
8. How can I restrict access to some functions of the Hub?
In hubs with the firmware version OS Malevich 2.6 and latest hub administrator can limit the user's access to the following functionality:
  • Night mode activation (perimeter security)
  • Panic Button
  • View cameras
  • Turning on/off automation devices
  • View devices and rooms
  • View notifications
All these settings you can find in the user's settings (Hub > Users > User settings).
The rights to the group, viewing notifications, devices and rooms can only be removed from the user account!
9. The button "Check Balance" is not active, what should I do?
You need to click on the Number field, enter the balance check USSD code (available from the mobile phone service provider).

After entering the number, click "Check balance". It takes about a minute to complete the request. After the query is executed, you will see the status of the SIM card account.
10. How do I report a problem?
Click on the menu icon in the upper left corner of the APP and select Report Problem.
Select the log session from the list. Be sure to describe the problem and specify when it occurred.
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