Video surveillance cameras and Ajax Security System

Zooming video in
Streaming video and sound
Saving snapshots
Cameras and DVRs support
Combine your security system and video surveillance in one app
Know the reason of alarm
The alarm went off? The video stream will help you to figure out if the threat is real. In the Ajax app, open the video and see what is happening at the facility right now.
If video streaming doesn't seem reliable to you, use MotionCam detectors. They are equipped with cameras that take a series of photos only when motion alarm is triggered, and deliver them to the hub using a high-speed encrypted radio protocol, Wings. MotionCam is a fast way to verify alarms without compromising the privacy of users.
Keep your business under control
Video cameras have no days off. Know what's happening at your office 24/7.
Stay close to your family
Do you want to know what your kids are doing, or how babysitter's treating them while you're gone? You can watch video from the cameras in real-time using the Ajax app even on the go.
No restrictions
Ajax supports RTSP, a standard protocol in the video surveillance market. It's used in most personal and professional surveillance cameras and DVRs. Your choice is unlimited.
For your eyes only
Only you decide which Ajax users have access to cameras and video recorders. And reliable encryption protects your data from hackers.
Camera or DVR?
Regardless of whether you connect a camera or a digital video recorder to the security system, each device produces one video stream. That said, if a DVR has hundreds of cameras connected to it, you can switch between them in the Ajax app.
The number of cameras or DVRs that can be connected to Ajax depends on the hub model.
Install the security alarm from 9.90 €/month
Request the free study and our technician will analyze your property to calculate a cost for a custom installation.

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