Olivenet Security

Provider that assists clients with the installation and maintenance of wireless security and video surveillance systems on the Costa del Sol.
We protect different types of properties from intrusions using Ajax Systems reliable technologies. Olivenet Security carries out all the work so that the client only needs to download the mobile application and manage the system online. We provide full services: engineering design project, connection to central monitoring station, installation and maintenance of systems.
Olivenet Security always guarantees maximum security for our clients. We work with the most reliable central monitoring stations: TechCo, GrupoOn. The alarm is connected through two communication channels: GPRS and broadband Internet. When there is a problem with one of them, the system automatically switches to the second and sends the alarm signal to the CMS. Once the intrusion is confirmed, the police will immediately go to the place.
The central monitoring station controls the operation of the client's devices 24/7. In case of malfunction, we quickly repair it remotely, otherwise, our technical team will go to the installation site to fix the problem.
Contact us, we will assist you online and in our Olivenet offices. If the budget suits you, the alarm will be installed immediately on the same day.
Install the security alarm from 9.90 €/month
Request the free study and our technician will analyze your property to calculate a cost for a custom installation.

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